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    Strateo has mandated Voxia communication for a PR and press campaign in French and German-speaking Switzerland. Strateo was voted the best online broker in Switzerland in 2017 by the Swiss Institute for Quality Testing (ISTQ) and wishes to continue its brand positioning in Switzerland with independent traders and managers.

  Lausanne, September 19, 2017 – After starting the commercialisation of AneVivo, its first assisted reproductive technology device, Anecova is proud to announce a major breakthrough this summer: the birth of the 6 first babies ever conceived using AneVivo Natural Fertilisation treatment, at the GynCentrum’s Polish facility in Katowice. After several years of R&D and clinical development, Anecova has developed a more natural approach to assisted reproductive technology, AneVivo, a porous capsule device allowing bi-directional passage of fluids, nutrients, and other non-cellular components, to enable interaction between the embryos and the maternal environment. It allows fertilisation and very early embryo development directly within the maternal womb. Martin Velasco, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Anecova, said: “We are very happy to announce the birth of the first babies using our AneVivo treatment at the Gyncentrum Katowice facilty, a clinic that has […]

Vontobel Asset Management News/15 August 2017     TwentyFour Asset Management, majority-owned by Vontobel, announced today it has grown assets under management by 25%, an increase of GBP 2.2 billion (USD 2.9 billion) year-to-date. Due to the buoyant fixed income landscape and strong performance, the firm is poised to continue its growth trajectory with ambitious future plans. UK-based TwentyFour Asset Management has benefited from Vontobel’s global distribution platform, making it possible to offer international versions of its funds, which led to raising in excess of GBP 1.2 billion (USD 1.5 billion) since launch. TwentyFour has grown its net new money by 14% in 2017, with notable interest coming from Switzerland, Italy, and Germany. This has been in part due to the low volatility and coordinated global economic recovery witnessed over the last 12 months, coupled with central bank policies creating a […]

  In this video, Melchior de Muralt, managing partner at de Pury Pictet Turrettini (PPT), explains how the sustainable development goals set in Geneva could yield good investment themes for products.Speaking at the Geneva Forum for Sustainable Investing, he gives his best tips for independent asset managers looking to move into the impact investing area. As PPT is the founding shareholder of Blue Orchard, a management company specialising in microfinance, de Muralt uses his expertise to assess how the approach to impact investing has changed over the past 10 years. Here, he discusses the importance of listening to the needs of the new generation, which is looking to meld financial return with social impact   Source: By Jessica Beard

  Zurich, 13 July 2017 Societe Generale Private Banking Switzerland (SGPBS) has appointed Simon Ibbitson as Head of Private Equity Funds as of 1 July 2017. Based in Zurich, Simon Ibbitson is in charge of developing the private equity service offer for the private bank in Switzerland with Senior Investment Manager Manuel Keiser, who joined the Zurichbased SGPBS team on 1 May 2017. In addition to the role he holds in Switzerland, Simon Ibbitson will also head up the Private Equity Funds division for all Societe Generale Private Banking (SGPB) entities at an international level. He will ensure the supervision of the Paris-based and Swiss teams dedicated to this offer. Private Equity is a strategic development focus of our SGPBS offer – and more globally the SGPB offer – which will allow the Bank to cater for the clients’ evolving needs, […]

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