Anecova: First babies born in Poland with AneVivo Natural Fertilisation

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Lausanne, September 19, 2017 – After starting the commercialisation of AneVivo, its first assisted reproductive technology device, Anecova is proud to announce a major breakthrough this summer: the birth of the 6 first babies ever conceived using AneVivo Natural Fertilisation treatment, at the GynCentrum’s Polish facility in Katowice.

After several years of R&D and clinical development, Anecova has developed a more natural approach to assisted reproductive technology, AneVivo, a porous capsule device allowing bi-directional passage of fluids, nutrients, and other non-cellular components, to enable interaction between the embryos and the maternal environment. It allows fertilisation and very early embryo development directly within the maternal womb.

Martin Velasco, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Anecova, said: “We are very happy to announce the birth of the first babies using our AneVivo treatment at the Gyncentrum Katowice facilty, a clinic that has consistently demonstrated a very innovative and dynamic development over the past years. At Anecova, we are delighted to have now contributed to the birth of over 50 babies.” After these first six successful births, GynCentrum now offers AneVivo in 3 new and more natural treatments, thus demonstrating again its leadership in a more natural approach to assisted reproductive technology.

Dr. Dariusz Mercik, Medical Director of Gyncentrum Clinic, commented: “The AneVivo device allows fertilisation to happen in the mother’s womb rather than in the laboratory. Fertilisation happens in a more natural environment, receiving nutrition and signals from the mother rather than from the culture media used in the laboratory. So far, the early results of this innovative procedure are very encouraging with a higher performance than traditional in vitro. The patients also highly appreciate having an active part in the fertilisation and very early develpment.”

“With the aim of coming even closer to natural conception, we are now offering AneVivo with three new treatments. Two of the new treatments, AneVivo Mild and AneVivo Natural Cycle require minimal and no stimulation. In combination with AneVivo, the fertilisation will not only happen in the maternal environment, but the physical impact for women will be minimized and the number of embryos used for a cycle limited.”

“The third treatment, AneVivo with Egg Donation, will allow the recipient of the egg to play an active role from the start. Combined with AneVivo, the embryo fertilisation and its very early development will happen in the mother’s womb.”

About Anecova

Anecova is a Swiss medical device company based at the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne. Anecova is working with world leading scientists and clinicians in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) with the objective of developing more natural approaches to Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART). The company is ISO certified (9001 and 13485). Its AneVivo device is European Certified (CE MARK) and has also received the approval of several regulators in Europe, including the HFEA in the UK. Anecova has been working in the past years in the development of a device allowing the fertilization and embryo development in the maternal environment instead of in a laboratory. AneVivo, Anecova’s first commercialized device, allows clinics to offer Natural Fertilization treatments to their patients.

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