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27 May 2021

Swiss Sustainable Funds Awards 2021

An Award for the best sustainable funds. To support this development, the Geneva Forum for Sustainable Investment, the major event […]

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3 September 2020

GFSI2020 Geneva Forum for Sustainable Investment

The 11th edition of the GFSI, Geneva forum for sustainable investment, will honour the actors of the responsible financial news and present the most innovative solutions responding to the crucial challenges of our economies in transition.

9 June 2020

Swiss Sustainable Funds Awards 2020

Award for sustainable funds, presented by the Geneva forum for sustainable investment, the most important event in the field of sustainable investment.

19 November 2019

Soirée caritative: Sanfilippo Suisse

A l’occasion de son 10ème anniversaire, la Fondation Sanfilippo Suisse organise le mardi 19 novembre 2019, au Bâtiment des Forces Motrices (Genève)

12 November 2019

BOSAGORA – Blockchain & Democracy

BOS Platform foundation is thrilled to invite you to discover Bosagora, a 2.0 crypto project, and Defora’s joint presentation of […]

10 October 2019

Inauguration de Sortera

SORTERA est le premier Ecopôle et son centre de traitement de déchets multi-filières, le plus innovant de Suisse. Il sera inauguré officiellement le jeudi 10 octobre 2019.

8 October 2019

Neventa Capital Launch Event

Neventa Capital is proud to announce the official launch of its activity and its investments into US-based leading fintech company SharesPost. Following […]

12 June 2019

Swiss Sustainable Funds Awards 2019

Prix décerné par le Geneva Forum for Sustainable Investment, l’événement majeur dans l’industrie de l’investissement durable

23 May 2019

Geneva forum for sustainable investment GFSI2019

La 10ème  édition du GFSI, Geneva forum for sustainable investment, mettra à l’honneur les acteurs de l’actualité financière responsable et présentera les solutions les plus innovantes répondant aux enjeux cruciaux de nos économies en transition.

4 December 2018

Lunch-presentation LGIP

How to achieve a performance with low volatility and low correlation to other asset classes  The Fixed Income Challenge LGIP is […]

28 November 2018

. Conférence Ashenden Finance

MiFID compliant is today predominant in the European environment and it also affects Switzerland. Thus, independent managers and banks are […]

22 November 2018

Lunch-presentation LGIP

How to achieve a performance with low volatility and low correlation to other asset classes  The Fixed Income Challenge LGIP is […]

31 May 2018

GFSI 2018

LINK TO THE NEXT EDITION OF THE GFSI2019    #GFSI 2018 – 31 May  Responsible investment in support of economic […]

SOLAR is revolutionizing the energy sector - Active Solar

Do you know that ?:

Attend the conference and you will understand how solar became so successful and why it will dominate the power sector in the 21st century.


Pascal Rochat, CEO of Active Niche Funds SA and manager of Active Solar

How to combine impact and performance? - Asteria Investment Managers

Asteria has developed a proprietary research platform, enabling it to conduct a thorough analysis of each company to measure the environmental and social impact generated by its activity, the ESG scoring and financial outlook.

We make use of innovative technologies such as Big Data to deal with the explosion in the amount of data required to conduct a fully integrated research.

We apply a rigorous and systematic process to maximize the impact generation and minimize the risk of deviation from main benchmarks.

This approach makes hence and efficient use of capital without scarifying returns or generate additional risks.


Guido Bolliger , Chief Investment Officer

SDGs and Engagement – Investing to improve – Impact in listed stocks

Many people increasingly want to align their financial decisions and their values. Our SDG Engagement Global Equities approach is designed with that need in mind, and we strive to play a part in mobilising private capital towards securing a safer and more sustainable future for all. In this session, Jamie will expand upon our active, multi-SDG approach and discuss the opportunities to deliver both investment performance and non-financial impact.

Jamie Jenkins, Managing Director, co-Head of Global Equities, BMO GAM

Candriam Climate Action: Wie kann man als Anleger den Klimawandel bekämpfen?

Das Pariser Abkommen führte zu einem globalen Konsens, in dem das Ziel und die Modalitäten zur Vermeidung einer Erwärmung über 2 Grad hinaus festgelegt wurden. Die Europäische Union hat sich ihrerseits verpflichtet, bis 2050 die Klimaneutralität zu erreichen. Der Candriam SRI Equities Climate Action Fund konzentriert sich darauf, Unternehmen bei der Entwicklung von Lösungen für den Klimawandel zu unterstützen. Diese Unternehmen zeichnen sich dadurch aus, dass sie ihre Geschäftsmodelle auf ein 2-Grad-Ziel hin umstellen oder Lösungen anbieten, die es anderen Unternehmen ermöglichen, dieses Ziel zu erreichen.

David Czupryna, Head of ESG Development – Candriam

Warum ESG Kriterien im Fixed Income Bereich immer wichtiger werden

Der Markt für nachhaltiges Investieren wächst enorm, nicht nur für Aktien-Investments, sondern verstärkt auch für Fixed Income Investoren. Für Credit Suisse Asset Management hat das Thema Nachhaltigkeit über alle Anlagebereiche hinweg einen gleich hohen Stellenwert. Doch was gibt es im Vergleich zu Aktien beim Thema Fixed Income und Nachhaltigkeit zu beachten? Wo liegt der Fokus der Investoren und sieht es auf der Index-Seite aus?

Dominik Scheck, Leiter ESG, Credit Suisse Asset Management

From low carbon industries to green tech, how to accompany also sectors in transition?

The question of the diversity of portfolios in asset management is key, both financially and in responding to the climate challenge. Our approach makes it possible to limit sectoral biases by offering a differentiated analysis of companies according to the climate risks and challenges they face. We thus distinguish 4 investment pockets in our climate portfolio: disruptive technologies, efficiency solutions, low carbon impact sector and energy producers. The implementation of this strategy is compatible with carbon neutrality and the philosophy of active management

Léa Dunand-Chatellet, Head of the Responsible Investment department at DNCA

Active ESG integration for companies: measuring & engaging on what matters - DPAM

In order to successfully embed sustainability into the investment process, active ESG integration and engagement with companies require a dynamic and pro-active approach. Dries Dury, Fund manager International & Sustainable Equity at DPAM, will guide us through this active, sustainable and research-driven approach that enables to enhance the methodology in our analysis and understand trends beyond mere ESG scores.


Dries Dury, CFA is a fund manager at DPAM

How microfinance investments can boost the growth in developing countries: the Silk road experience

Microfinance has always been decorrelated from the volatility of the world of finance and macroeconomic risks.  In developing regions, like the countries along the Silk Road, micro and SMEs are catching new opportunities offered by new post-crisis scenarios thanks to their flexibility, resilience and capability to adapt. These countries’ economy is based on sectors which never completely stopped during the lockdowns and they are facing a digital transformation which will further help their restart.

Vittorio Volpi, Chairman of the Supervisory Board – Mikro Kapital

Is impact investing the future of sustainable investment?


At the high rate of PRI signatories, soon there will be no non-responsible investors left! The remaining scepticals are now eager to join the movement after seeing the impressive inflows on ESG funds, and like Mr. Jourdain, everyone claims they had a responsible investment approach before knowing what it was. Obviously, this is very far from the truth because there is no shared definition of SRI: within it, practices as diverse as exclusion, shareholder engagement or thematic investment coexist. Among them, a trend is emerging: that of impact investing. In our view, this trend is not just one among others, but the only SRI approach.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Hervé Guez, CIO of Equities and Fixed Income for Mirova

Dialogue & engagement: value creation in the small and midcap universe

The universe of European small and mid-caps is very broad and diversified, with a significant number of family-owned companies. The availability and quality of non-financial data does unfortunately not permit a holistic analysis of the risks and opportunities presented by these companies. In order to identify the champions of tomorrow, dialogue and direct engagement with companies and their management is essential to understand their business models and generate long-term value for all stakeholders.

Nicolas Jacob, Head of ESG Research at ODDO BHF Asset Management

A road to ESG integration: Walking the Talk

ESG approach with rating agencies have had clear positives, with a very systematic approach easy to implement on a large cohorts of stocks

But, the reality shows that this approach by exclusion has been narrowing the universe of investible names, there is a real data dispersion between providers on recommendations with data overload, that after years of good performance it is often now missing dynamic changes and additional performance is not there, that the relevance of KPI is heterogeneous. For this reason we believe there is a need to move towards ESG integration with a bottom up perspective and a financial impact analysis.

Anne Marion-Bouchacourt, Country Head Societe Generale Switzerland et CEO SG Zurich Branch