News from our agency and our clients.

  Created in 2014, Rapilium is a collective that brings together more than 60 artists from all over Switzerland engaged in the fight against cancer. It is the result of two years of work and it is 100% non-profit. The compilation Rapilium launched at the end of 2016 comprises 20 original rap/pop tracks, sung in French, Italian, English and Swiss German. Voxia communication supports the project by taking care of the communication and the promotion of the album, of which the entire sale proceeds are donated to the cantonal Swiss cancer league. More information on      

    Sartus Capital, with operations in London and Geneva has chosen  Voxia communication to design and deploy its PR communication in Switzerland.      

In order to support its consistent growth, Voxia communication is pleased to share its new address in Zurich: Voxia communication Gotthardstrasse 56 8002 Zurich

The public relations agency Voxia communication has the honor of being commussioned by The Great Gatsby Ballet. Voxia communication will be in charge of the promotion and communication of the ballet representation which will be held on November 11th,  2016 at the  Théâtre du Léman in Geneva.    

Paka S.A, a company specializing in the distribution of toys for the Swiss market, is the supplier for all major Swiss retailers such as Manor, Franz Carl Weber, King Jouet, and several websites. Following the sales success of Bunch O Balloons and that of the largest water bomb fight ever organized in Europe, the company confides once again in Voxia communication, public relations agency, for its representation in the Swiss media. Voxia communication, as a communications partner, engages itself to put its expertise in media relations at the service of Paka S.A so as to present and publicize CHiP, the robot dog, the new promising Christmas toy and increase product awareness in the French-speaking and German-speaking market.

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