Litigation-PR White Paper

As a PR-Litigation pioneer in Switzerland, Voxia has synthesized some aspects of this hybrid branch, on the border between the profession of lawyer and that of communication specialist.

Litigation-PR in the eyes of experts


An expert perspective on Litigation-PR

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As a historically Anglo-Saxon practice, PR-Litigation is the subject of an extremely limited doctrine in Europe. This white paper aims to contribute to the process and provides elements to better understand the complexity and opportunities involved. In its “largo sensu” meaning, Litigation-PR applies upstream of the legal procedure to try to avoid a trial, during the trial to try to influence its outcome, and after its conclusions to avoid potential image and reputation damage.


Among other themes, the book covers the framework and benefits of PR-Litigation in conflict resolution, its stakeholders, the media and the risks associated with media coverage of a dispute. The book also discusses the role of social media in preserving reputation and the psychology of opinion-forming processes.

Voxia communication has also organised the first conference on the subject in French-speaking Switzerland with the participation of several specialists and is regularly invited to lecture on the subject.

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