The DRIVE© model

Voxia has developed the DRIVE method to analyze the internal and/or external communication, leadership or reputation of an organization, a brand or an individual. This audit, partial or in-depth, can be used to set up an improvement program and create impactful communication.

The DRIVE model is structured around five main points:

Differentiation – How do your brand and value proposition set you apart from your competition?

Respectability – To what extent do your messages, your style and your tools help you build your credibility?

Impact – Does your communication reach the right targets? Does it help further your business project? Is it both clear and inspiring?

Visibility – Are your efforts rewarded, in terms of opportunities to be noticed and remembered amidst all the noise? And how coherent are they?

Engagement – Does your discourse engage your targets? Do they embrace your project and help create a snowball effect?

The DRIVE model is based on a method that integrates an analysis, a workshop and the production of a report. Its approach is designed to be pragmatic, fun and inspiring.


Knowing who your competition is and what they do is essential. It allows you to know what differentiates you from them. The criteria to determine differentiation have evolved, and are no longer exclusively focused on cost.


How is your positioning identified by third party actors? How relevant do they perceive your messages to be? It is not enough to communicate values. They must be perceivable from your overall brand image and demonstrated through your actions.


The right message must be delivered to the right people and in order to do this, you must define who your target is every step of way. The message must serve your brand and its perception above all, and not just your products and your services. As such, it will withstand the trial of time and may be fully included in your business project.


Because you have to start somewhere. This may sound banal but it is the biggest pitfall anyone wishing to make changes and improvements, whether internally or externally, has to face. Becoming aware of the need to evolve, to change or even simply to communicate, leads to asking the right questions. 


Taking an objective look at your company, your communication or your brand is not easy. Since the important thing is to know how it is perceived from the outside, what is required is a neutral view, a multi-channel analysis and above all an approach devoid of any personal involvement.


Once this analysis has been completed, you will receive a report. This report will serve as a guide for all actions to be taken in accordance to your objectives. By following this guideline, your communication will take on a whole new dimension. You will save time, money and be more efficient because you will no longer focus on the wrong messages or neglect some of your greatest assets.


Knowing how to communicate means giving yourself the opportunity to grow. Becoming visible to your target audience allows you to get or increase the notoriety necessary to make your company influential. 

Would you be interested in a freeze frame, measuring the DRIVE of your communication, leadership or reputation in a changing world?

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