Employer branding

Employer brand is commonly referred to as the image that a company has among its employees and future talents. In reality, the term encompasses everything that engages – or does not engage – employees. It drives resilience as well as growth, and helps to better cope with change in a fast-moving world.

A leader’s brand is what allows him or her to generate, by their reputation and communication, a positive engagement of their employees and network.

For an organization or a person, the ultimate step is to go beyond the employer brand, and to establish the Influencer Brand ©. This brand includes employees who are committed and engaged in the company’s project, and who are proud to contribute to the energy, technological and social transition. 

Our approach to evolving from an employer brand to an Influencer brand © is based on

  1. MEASURE – Assessing the mission, the employer brand and the leader’s brand
  2. INSPIRATION – Giving the brand an aspirational purpose, embodied in a unifying signature #
  3. MOBILISATION – Developing ambassadorship status, by unleashing the communication potential of employees
  4. SHINE – Expanding the company’s circle of trust by nurturing the relationship with stakeholders

Recruiting new employees can be complicated. Expectations regarding management, company commitment and vision are constantly changing among potential candidates but also among the employees that are already part of the company.

Purpose, vision, mission, values and impact

Make no mistake about it: in employer branding, there is the word “brand”. And branding is what creates meaning and a sense of belonging. To give meaning to their activities and to build their reputation in a changing world, companies need to clarify the why and the how of their value creation. It is in this context that working on your underlying driver (purpose), positioning (vision), daily activity (mission) and behaviours (value-based) has become essential. Do you know what your company’s underlying driver is? Does it make you proud?

Magnetic company

If the mix of purpose > mission > values is aligned and authentic, a company has all the ingredients necessary to allow its talents to perform at their best and possess a natural aura. This aura – or lasting reputation – has a magnetic effect both internally and externally. This power of attraction and influence gives a decisive competitive advantage in the age of stakeholder capitalism.