GFSI 2023 Geneva Forum for Sustainable Investment

The 14th edition of the Geneva Forum for Sustainable Investment will give the floor to thought leaders in the sustainable finance industry and showcase present the most innovative solutions addressing the major challenges of our transitioning economies.


14 September 2023 at the Fairmont Grand Hotel Geneva

About the Geneva Forum for Sustainable Investment

The Geneva Forum for Sustainable Investment (GFSI) is the annual meeting point where investors can learn about best practices and meet key asset managers and main players in the sustainable finance industry. The objectives of this event are:

  • Emphasize the issues at stake in terms of corporate social responsibility, governance and environment;
  • Promote Switzerland as an innovative hub for sustainable finance;
  • Present new sustainable invest­ment strategies and allocations to an audience of wealth management professionals;
  • Gather industry leaders showcasing their expertise on a common platform.

The GFSI has been able to reinvent itself and strengthen its image among the actors of sustainable finance. Not only has it succeeded in attracting an audience of specialists, but it has also broadened its circle of participants attracting the investment community at large. Today, the GFSI has become a key event in the development of sustainable finance and sustainable investment in Switzerland.

The GFSI 2023 addresses

  • Independent asset managers and advisors
  • Family offices
  • Portfolio managers
  • Fund selectors
  • Financial analysts
  • CIOs
  • Pension fund managers and institutional consultants
  • Trustees & fiduciaries

All other positions/qualifications will be charged an entry fee of CHF 300.00.


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Founded in Geneva in 2007, Conser is a Swiss-based, independent consulting company, 100% dedicated to sustainable investing. Conser has developed a unique and innovative ESG digital tool to measure and improve the impact and sustainability of portfolios. The company is a pioneer in the industry addressing ESG issues systematically and assisting investors to align their investments with sustainability goals. Conser is a recognized key player and a thought leader in the development of the sustainable finance industry.

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