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White Paper on Litigation PR

Voxia communication has partnered with several specialists to produce a white paper on Litigation PR. Every month, we send a newsletter with an excerpt from the book, covering each time one aspect of PR Litigation. The purpose of these 14 chapters is to make attorneys, corporate lawyers and advisers aware of the need in the resolution of many conflicts of a planned communication, in support of the legal action itself. litigation pr and crisis

Receive the chapters of the Litigation PR whitepaper

  • Chapter 1: Litigation PR or the place of communication in dispute resolution

      The field of Litigation PR, defined as the management of the communication process during a legal dispute in order to influence its outcome or its impact on the reputation of a client, is experiencing significant growth. For a long time, Litigation PR has been the preserve of Anglo-Saxon jurisdictions because of their particular dispute […]

  • Chapter 2: The benefits of Litigation PR in a legal dispute

      “Who steals my purse steals trash; ’tis something, nothing;… But he that filches from me my good name Robs me of that which not enriches him, And makes me poor indeed.” – from Othello by William Shakespeare –   The objective of every trial is the pursuit of justice. Regardless of whether that objective […]

  • Chapter 3: Identifying media risk and information management methods

    The risk of media coverage Which cases are likely to arouse public and media interest and require a specific communications strategy? Some cases take on a public dimension because of the specific characteristics of the parties involved, others because of their nature or presumed impact. In the first category, disputes can be classified in particular […]

  • Chapter 4: The media, an undiscovered world

    There is a general impression that it is easy to interact with the media. Given that in our everyday lives, we are continually conveying messages, why would communicating with a journalist be any different or more difficult? While, of course, having a certain facility with words is an advantage, it would be presumptuous to believe […]

  • Chapter 5: Influence of the media on judicial proceedings

    Despite their general belief that they can form objective judgments independently, individuals are in fact strongly influenced by others. 1 Particularly in judicial proceedings, the media, as the primary source of information for the public to form an opinion, are a major vector of influence. 2 It is therefore essential to control as far as […]

  • Chapter 6: The 5 key points in PR Litigation

    When a client is involved in a dispute that may have a public dimension, he or she will likely need to use a public relations adviser. As in any professional field, there are several fundamental rules to follow. Here are the 5 essential points to remember: 1. Don’t hide anything from your communications consultants When choosing […]

  • Chapter 7: Growth of multi-disciplinary risk analysis in litigation strategy

    Lawyers have long been experts at weighing litigation risk, assessing not just the legal strength of their client’s case but also whether the costs of bringing it might overshadow the damages awarded.  With ever greater media interest in high profile or important cases, increasing coverage by journalists, and the global reach, speed and permanence of […]

  • Chapter 8: 12 key points for a successful crisis interview

    “Talking to the press is always risky, it tends to report what you say,” used to say Senator and former U.S. Vice President Hubert Humphrey. Litigation can be complex to explain. During an interview no one has any interest in their comments being distorted, taken out of context or misunderstood. To avoid any risk of […]

  • Chapter 9: Public relations and social networks

    Social networks are omnipresent. Even though an event may not originate from the Internet, everything ends up being broadcast, commented and spread on social networks. While the control of information in the traditional media remains manageable, the exercise becomes much more hazardous and risky when it comes to social media. While in the traditional media […]

  • Chapter 10: A new approach to Litigation PR: using appropriate dispute resolution (ADR) – “Litigation PR+ADR”

    Litigation is a concern whenever a dispute reaches the general public’s attention.  The company’s brand and reputation are affected and the way in which a dispute is handled can be even more impactful than its outcome.  Litigation PR+ADR[1] challenges traditional approaches to litigation and negotiation.  It entails approaching the process itself as part of the […]

  • Chapter 11: Lawyers and PR consultants: different natures doomed to understand each other

    While cooperation between professionals from different trades is never easy, getting lawyers and PR consultants to work together is a real challenge. These two professions are based on a type of training, education, culture and even discipline in their respective practices that tends to keep them at a distance from one another. Within a company, […]

  • Chapter 12: Public relations and lobbying: a natural working pair in Litigation PR

    During my time as head of the task force “Switzerland – Second World War” I quickly learned that successful process management had two integral components, communication and lobbying. While the term “public relations” implies traditional and innovative means of communication targeting the public, “lobbying” is a confidential communication strategy used to influence policy-makers and decision-makers […]

  • Chapter 13: Litigation PR in antitrust law: How to ensure company searches and sanctions do not turn into a public relations disaster

    I. Introduction Violations of antitrust law can result in heavy sanctions for companies. Therefore, many firms invest a considerable amount of their resources in antitrust law compliance. Yet sanctions are not the only area of concern for senior management at these companies: Reputational damage which occurs as a side-effect of these antitrust law proceedings – […]

  • Chapter 14: Sika-Saint-Gobain: a case study of PR Litigation in Switzerland

    The Sika case will go down in history as the longest hostile takeover attempt for a company in Europe to date. It lasted three and a half years, shook up Swiss economic, political and financial circles and was the subject of more than 14,000 articles in the press. It originated in the decision of the […]


Crisis and Litigation PR

We develop and implement purposeful communication and reputation management strategies for companies, HNWI (high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs), board members, institutions and associations in crisis situations, disputes and during court proceedings.

While public interest in (legal) disputes is increasing, we promote the arguments of our clients in the court of public opinion and support you with the following services:

  • Development of specific communication strategies to positively influence the legal dispute and minimize your risk of damage.
  • Identification and mitigation of critical media attention and creation of a balanced media coverage to protect your brand equity.
  • Effective stakeholder communication in order to increase confidence and strategically represent the best arguments both externally and internally.
  • Professional support to provide compelling messages to customers, shareholders and business partners and to facilitate an understanding of complex legal issues for the general public.

Our seasoned team of traditional and digital PR specialists deploys all reputation management campaigns both off- and online in order to maximize their impact.