Voxia has signed a partnership agreement with B Lab Switzerland to raise awareness and engage businesses, media outlets and politicians in the Swiss Triple Impact Programme (STI). As a reference agency at the national level, Voxia

  • Conducts public relations activities to raise awareness of and engagement with the Swiss Triple Impact Programme
  • Encourages and advises participating companies with their sustainable communication, to help them avoid the risks of greenwashing related to CSR initiatives or ESG criteria

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Our mission is to stimulate and advise you with your sustainable communication, especially as we are now ecosystem partners of the STI Programme.

We have developed specialised expertise to ensure the success of your CSR communication, and to capitalise on “what you do well” as a leader, a brand or a company. In this regard, we offer a workshop that enables your managers and employees to understand the mechanisms of sustainable communication and to find the right words, the right posture and the right tools.

To find out more – Access the manual produced by Le Temps