Financial Communication and Investor Relations

Investor relations are a true interface between companies and financial market shareholders. For a listed company, its goal will be to explain the company’s strategy, business model, ecosystem and of course its results so as to ensure the market gives it best evaluation. Investor relations impact the evaluation of the listed company, the liquidity of its shares and its shareholders structure. In the case of an asset manager, it can influence its attractiveness among existing and prospectives investors.


The purpose of financial communication is to share financial information to various targets, whether they are the media, investors, shareholders or employees. Fulfilling a strategic function with major challenges, it becomes important at pivotal moments for the company, such as stock market listings, mergers & acquisitions, publication of annual report and results.

Requiring knowledge of the dynamics of communication as the intricacies of the financial markets and its stakeholders, investor relations combines media relations, economic intelligence and investor roadshows.


For an asset manager, the objective of investor relations will be to inform current and potential investors as well as the market in general of the development of the business and the performance of the brand’s various investment vehicles.


To fulfill the goals set with its clients, Voxia communication brings its deep understanding of financial products and services, a long experience of the markets and its players and an unmatched organisational competence with more than 200 roadshows or thematic events organised to date.

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