Practicing Litigation-PR is relatively new in Europe. The emergence of social networks has however drastically increased the risk of reputation and image damage.

Information flow speed has become the main factor of the impact of an information or a rumour. The stakes of a conflict are therefore often to be dealt with both in the court of public opinion and in the court of justice.

MANAGING THE court of public opinion

The management of a conflict where the judgment in the public opinion court is added to that of a judicial court requires a sui generis and appropriate communication strategy. The omnipresence of social networks, the particular nature of legal affairs and the diversity of stakeholders involved needs well-planned actions that complement traditional public relations.

REDUCE THE IMPACT OF legal proceedings

Voxia communication works upstream of legal proceedings in order to prevent a court decision that could cause significant damage, even if it is ultimately a favourable decision. Downstream, we seek to moderate the impact of legal proceedings on the reputation and image of an individual or a brand.

Unique Litigation-Pr expertise

Organizer of an event speaking of conferences dedicated to Litigation-PR and author of a White Paper on Litigation-PR, Voxia is considered as one of the few specialists and an opinion leader on the topic.

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