With an audience of over 19’000 regular readers, investnews is a unique medium within the Swiss financial press landscape. The magazine was launched in 2009 with the aim of providing exclusive, targeted, specific and helpful information to the independent asset manager community in Switzerland, managing some 25% of the country’s total offshore assets. Being at the forefront of the industry’s challenges, investnews quickly expanded its readership to reach all categories of wealth management professionals in Switzerland. Specific to the industry, investnews addresses legal, tax, markets, and wealth management issues. The editorial line is provided by specialists in the financial field, in partnership with key wealth management stakeholders and practitioners.

investnews is published by Voxia communication. It is published five times a year, in French and in German, in a digital format, and twice in a hardcover format for its special issues. The magazine is sent nominally and is free of charge for its readers.

Hors-série salon invest16

Hors-série forum invest September 2016


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ETF’s Special Issue

Dans un environnement toujours aussi volatil, s’appuyer sur une gestion indicielle à travers des trackers d’indices semble être la solution la plus simple pour ne pas faire la girouette et ne pas manquer un rebond. En ce sens, les ETFs devraient connaître, cette année encore, un intérêt soutenu de la part des investisseurs.

Cahier ETF May 2016

investnews Guide 2016 & ETF’s Special Issue

Hors-série guide annuel May 2016


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