CSR Strategy


Whether by conviction, legal obligation or encouraged by your business partners, a Corporate Social Responsibility policy integrated into the company’s global policy has become increasingly important across of all activity sectors.


The objective of Voxia communication’s support is to transform the financial and human resource costs of responsible engagement into opportunities to contribute to a balanced development of the company. This program can target an internal audience, in order to motivate employees, or an external audience, so as to promote the company and position it for new opportunities.

Our partners use specific methodology (Double Diagnostic ®) to evaluate a company through a dual analysis of responsible positioning and media visibility, as a prelude to a throughout communication audit based on CSR criteria.


  • Identify the company’s strengths and weaknesses according to economic, social, environmental and governance criteria
  • Position the company according to factual criteria and in relation to its peers (benchmarking)
  • Identify areas of progress, set concrete and realistic objectives for improvement regarding to both ESG and visibility criteria


  • Elaboration of a specific Company Charter or body of principles (ISO 9001 and 14001, 8 commitments)
  • Development and implementation of a code of conduct that, in addition to business ethics, addresses relations between key stakeholders and the environment
  • Create a sustainability & responsibility section in the annual report
  • Prepare a specific report presenting the company’s ESG positioning
  • Send a press release presenting the report to the media, organization of interviews with spokespeople
  • Creation of an internal information brochure focused on sustainability involving engaged company employees
  • Advising the Board of Directors, coaching

Through its commitment to CSR values and its involvement in various projects such as the Geneva Forum for Sustainable Investment or the GFSI Swiss Sustainable Funds Awards, Voxia communication is well positioned to develop ESG strategies for its client.

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