Personal Branding

In our image society, perceptions prevail. It is therefore essential to cultivate your personal brand.


Personal branding applies marketing techniques to a person, whether an artist, an employee or a manager. Through valuing their achievements or promoting its activities, the objective is to have a given person’s qualities recognized by a specific audience. By doing this work, one can develop a positive perception, to create a true brand image, that has a clear positioning in the customers’ minds. By extension, personal branding can apply to a company that wishes to extend the recognition of its expertise through the human capital.

individual COACHING

Personal branding starts with a personal assessment, an image audit and the establishment of clear goals. Depending on the case, a photo shooting, the creation of social networks account, contents writing and their placement in an editorial calendar, the preparation of a personal pitch, media relations or their experts columns publication can all be part of shaping a person’s personal brand.

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