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Launch of IFFO, the International Federation of Family Offices,
to support the global Family Office ecosystem.

Geneva, January 26 – MJ&Cie – French-Swiss multy family office – AFFO – the French Family Office Association – and AIFO – the Associazione Italiana Family Officer – announce the launch of the International Federation of Family Offices (IFFO), an international federation that seeks to bring together national family office associations[1] from all countries, in order to contribute to the international development of Family Office activities.

The objective is to unite professional associations in order to provide a framework for promoting exchanges and sharing between them and to understand how the Family Office profession is carried out in each country.

For many years, AFFO has been meeting with its foreign counterparts in order to better understand the way in which they operate and the specific characteristics of the family offices in each country. Following a meeting with the AIFO, they decided to jointly create a federation to bring together the existing family office associations and family offices of each country.

Jean-Marie Paluel-Marmont, President of IFFO and AFFO: “In today’s context, the transformation of family businesses is more frequent and the heirs of business owners must address the need to preserve and sustain inherited assets. IFFO’s mission will therefore be to facilitate both an international connected network of professionals involved in the activities of the Family Office and also to facilitate interactions with related or neighbouring professions, all in the interest of families. This evolution will make it possible to better support family businesses and their owners in their international development.”

The aim is also to encourage and allow a country’s family officers to come together to create a national association, if one does not exist.

Emanuele Giangreco Biancheri, Secretary General of IFFO and AIFO Head of external Relations: “IFFO aims to be a place where family offices and families can discuss topics associated with the management of intangible assets, such as the family identity, family heritage, and educating future generations, probably the most important asset in preserving and protecting the family fortune”.

François Mollat du Jourdin, Secretary General of AFFO and president founder of MJ&Cie: “IFFO will eventually aim to develop specific activities such as an international study on the Family Office profession: progress and development, growth, current trends; the international extension of the AFFO barometer, carried out annually (opinion poll conducted of its members and actors in the Family Office ecosystem)”.

Each national association that so wishes will be able to join the IFFO with the agreement of the Board of Directors currently composed of 2 French members, 2 Italian members and 1 English member (see its composition at the end of the press release). It was decided not to have exclusivity for a single association per country.

[1] [The Family Office aims to serve the financial interests of a family or several families with a view towards the long-term through multidisciplinary skills. Like the conductor of an orchestra, he/she advises and assists the family to preserve family harmony and to identify, analyse, structure and monitor its wealth expectations in the following areas: real estate, legal and tax advice, training, family governance, strategic planning or philanthropy, as well as management activities or supervisory management of listed and unlisted assets. There are two types of family offices: the single family office, dedicated exclusively to managing assets for a single family and the multi-family office, serving several families].


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About IFFO:

IFFO was created in October 2020 as a non-profit governed by the French Act of 1901. The first Board of Directors has 5 members:

Two French members:

  • Jean-Marie Paluel-Marmont, President of the IFFO (President of AFFO since 2012)

For 20 years (until 2013), Jean-Marie Paluel-Marmont led a listed family company, Compagnie Lebon, specialising in private equity, real estate and hospitality. He began his career in banking in France and England (CIC, SG Warburg & Co, Director of the European Department at J Sebag & Co). From 1974, after returning to France, he managed the wealth management business of the Paluel-Marmont Group with the chairmanship of Paluel-Marmont Banque until its sale to Crédit National (now Natixis) in 1997. Jean-Marie Paluel-Marmont regularly lectures on the wealth and investment issues of family offices and family businesses.

  • Bernard Camblain, Treasurer of the IFFO (Founder and Honorary President of AFFO)

After studying business, economics and sociology, Bernard Camblain spent most of his career in private banking before specialising in the Family Office. Founder in 2001 of the Association Française du Family Office, he chaired the association until February 2009 and was appointed Honorary President on this date. Bernard Camblain took part in the creation in 2003 and the development of Meeschaert Family Office, of which he is now Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board. He is also the author of numerous articles on the family office and the book “Family office et famille” [Family Office and Family] published in August 2008. From 2000 to 2013, he was also a Legal Expert in Finance approved by the Paris Court of Appeal, and he is now an approved judicial mediator.

Two Italian members:

  • Fadrique de Vargas Machuca, Vice-President of the IFFO (Vice-President and Head of the AIFO Academy)

For over 20 years, Fadrique de Vargas Machuca has supported top international organisations, consulting firms, and financial institutions both as a consultant and independent trainer for assignments aimed at improving communications skills, problem-solving, and leadership.

Her experience in designing and running training programmes, combined with her project management skills, led her to join AIFO – Associazione Italiana Family Officer- and to found the AIFO Academy. In 2016, she was named Vice President of AIFO. She currently is a visiting professor with the UCSC (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore) and with the ISPI (Istituto Superiore di Politica Internazionale) where she teaches communications techniques to graduate and undergraduate students.

  • Emanuele Giangreco Biancheri, Secretary General of the IFFO (Head of International Relations of AIFO)

Emanuele Giangreco Biancheri is responsible for institutional and international relationships. He is Co-founder of Family Strategy Srl, with a particular focus on wealth management projects and intergenerational continuity in family businesses. Previously he had senior management positions in the consulting firm Arthur D. Little, focusing on multinational strategy and organizational optimization in the technology sector.

One English member:

  • Alex Scott, Director of the IFFO

Alex Scott has been an internationally renowned family office figure since the creation in 1996 of the Sandaire family office, a single family office for which his family members have entrusted him with responsibility. He developed Sandaire and transformed it into a multi-family office until it was sold to Schroders last September, where he was named President of Schroders Global Family Office Services. Alex is a non-executive director of the investment holding company of his family and several private companies. He is trustee of the Grosvenor Estate (Duke of Westminster), Chairman of Wheatsheaf Investments, co-founder and co-life president of the Institute for Family Business (UK), Director of the Family Business Network-International, and has several philanthropic responsibilities and commitments.

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