beau-rivage, Genève       13/03/2014       12:00-14:00

déjeuner SPDR

SPDR Prime Talk Series lunch-event Thursday 13 March 2014 12:00-14:00, Beau-Rivage Hotel Geneva PROGRAM Rochus Appert, Head Intermediary Business, SSgA and SPDR ETFs Reception and Introduction Chris Probyn, Chief Economist, State Street Global Advisors Macro Economic Review and Outlook 2014 Dominik Boos, Head of Global Macro Research ETF Case Study Expressing trading ideas of a Global Macro Hedge Fund by using ETFs To conclude, Rochus Appert will analyse if the mid/small caps rise in valuation is driven by the enormous liquidity in the market or if there is fundamental evidence for revenue growth in both the US and Europe.

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