BOSAGORA – Blockchain & Democracy

BOS Platform foundation is thrilled to invite you to discover Bosagora, a 2.0 crypto project, and Defora's joint presentation of an innovative solution to enhance governance and collaborative decision making processes, with the ambition to facilitate effective initiatives for a sustainable future.

This event is to introduce BOSAGORA, a projects-enabling blockchain platform, and Defora, a collective decision making application. Together they invite you to discover how an open and decentralized blockchain platform equipped with deliberative, democratic innate tools can help projects flourish and fulfill their ideas and visions. Defora plays a crucial and integral role in the functionalities of the BOSAGORA platform by enforcing privacy, fairness and facilitation in the decision making process.

BOSAGORA aims to provide an opportunity for everyone to support their own projects through the use of its platform.

Defora is an application that enables a better approach to collective decision making to arrive at better solutions for public policy, business management and academia.


Contact: Julien Delécraz

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