PRWA Newsletter

Catégories : Agence Voxia

Spring is already here and what could possibly be a better place to celebrate its arrival than Paris? Conveniently, the city of lights will be the next PRWA General Assembly’s location. Our host, Catherine Kable will elaborate on the programme of that upcoming busy May weekend.

This issue is also our newsletter’s first in 2019 so we organized a little recap of the past year, to see what has happned in our respective agencies and the network, as we get to read the first PRWA’s exchange programme participants’ testimonials.

Moving away from our own affairs to the industry at large Voxia’s Rohan Sant will explore the territory of litigation PR, providing us with a few tips on how to prepare a client for successful crisis interview, while Henry Feintuch will look at a bigger picture and ponder how our industry might look in another half a century…