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Israel, as is well known, is an expert in cyber security, controlling about 20% of the world market. What are the trends in this sector, what are the new challenges, how can the Hebrew state help Switzerland? Israeli specialists will try to answer these questions through events, panel discussions and articles.

Tareno, a Basel asset manager with strong growth in Zurich, is unique because he is one of the few financial experts to manage an investment fund in the water sector, more precisely “water solutions”. Voxia communication has been mandated to communicate on this topic as well as the evolution of the wealth management industry in Switzerland.

      Résultats 2T18 et 1S18       Plan stratégique New Dimension bien engagé Hausse du Résultat net publié: +19% à 580 M€ au 2T18 et +18% à 903 M€ au 1S18 FORTE CROISSANCE DE L’ACTIVITÉ ET DE LA PROFITABILITÉ DE NOS MÉTIERS PNB SOUS-JACENT A 2,5 MD€ AU 2T18 ET 5 MD€ AU 1S18 (+5% ET +7% A CHANGE CONSTANT) ROE SOUS-JACENT DE NOS MÉTIERS EN PROGRESSION A 16,8% AU 1S18 Asset & Wealth Management : forte collecte et marges en hausse grâce au choix de la gestion active Dynamique positive de la collecte nette et des marges: 7eme trimestre consécutif de collecte positive (+10 Md€) au plus haut depuis 3 ans, combiné à des marges en progression > 31pb (+3pb vs. 2T17, +1pb vs. 1T18) Hausse significative du RBE sous-jacent: +36% à change constant (+27% en courant) […]

With more than 25 years of experience, WindowMaster, a Danish clean-tech company, offers ventilation solutions ensuring a permanent supply of fresh air and an optimal indoor climate and offering both comfort and reliability. The company already has many achievements in Switzerland, such as the Palais des Nations in Geneva or the Dock B at Zurich Airport.

    Geneva, July 3rd, 2018 – DNCA Finance – an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers – announces the creation of a Responsible Investment department, led by Léa Dunand-Chatellet. After the signing of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) in 2017, this move clearly reflects DNCA Finance’s aim to take its responsible investment approach a step further. Léa Dunand-Chatellet, 35 years old, is a graduate of the École Normale Supérieure (ENS), with an agregation in economy and management (university highest-level competitive examination for teachers’ recruitment), and is also a member of various committees on the Paris financial market. She teaches courses on responsible investment in some of France’s major business schools and co-authored a key publication in 2014 “SRI and Responsible Investment” (published by Ellipse).   Léa started her career in 2005 at Oddo Securities’ extra-financial research department, and then […]

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