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  GENEVA, 8 May 2017 – Commenting on Emmanuel Macron being elected as the next French President, Michiel de Bruin, Head of Global Rates and Money Markets, and David Moss, Head of European Equities, at BMO Global Asset Management, said: Michiel de Bruin, Head of Global Rates and Money Markets, said: “This win sends a clear signal that anti-EU populist parties are unable to secure a power base across the political landscape in continental Europe. This started with the presidential elections in Austria in December 2016, with a win by the Pro-European Alexander Van der Bellen, followed by the Dutch elections last March where centrist pro-European parties won the elections. Now this trend has been echoed in France with a win by Emmanuel Macron, who has been campaigning on a pro-European agenda.” “Whilst the next big election in Europe is […]

  London, 8 May 2017: Macron gathered 65.9% of the votes, 3 points above the latest opinion polls. Overall, we expect market participants to see Macron’s victory as a relief but to have only a limited positive impact on markets on Monday morning as his victory has been priced in after the first round.  The French – German government bond spread already tightened to 43bps last Friday ahead of the results, from over 85bps prior the first round, but still have to go back to its pre-election level of ~30bps. However, France and Europe only narrowly survived populism.‎ One third of the French electorate did not vote in this second round and Le Pen obtained 34.1% of the votes, which is almost twice what her father got in 2002, leaving the new President elect with large domestic challenges. The next decisive […]

Vontobel Asset Management 8 May 2017   MARKET UPDATE Macron’s victory in French presidential election bodes well for Europe  Summary Emmanuel Macron prevails over Marine Le Pen in second round of French presidential elections by a substantial 66-34 score The result is expected to benefit European financial markets   With the threat of Le Pen’s anti-EU and anti-euro course now squashed, European markets can breathe a sigh of relief. That said, the election outcome was well discounted and we would not expect a “surge” in European assets from current levels. We see, however, incremental strength from the context that international investors are under-exposed to the region given the perception of elevated political risk. With respect to France, the upcoming parliamentary elections on 11 and 18 June are likely to deliver a fragmented National Assembly and it remains to be seen […]

Geneva, 3 March 2017   Sartus Capital, a global investment office based in Geneva, announces today the hire of Steve Sénèque as its new Chief Investment Officer as part of its ongoing strategic development phase and to serve its growing client base. Steve Sénèque, former Investment Director at Octogone Gestion SA, commented: «I am delighted to take part in this building phase of the company and to bring to Sartus Capital my expertise in matters of investments and my knowledge of the markets.» The new CIO will head a team of three investment specialists with a strong local expertise and will report directly to the CEO, Felipe de Almeida e Silva. Steve Sénèque’s team has investment capabilities in key areas such as: fund research, alternatives, equities, fixed income, cross assets, etc. and is likely to add new skills as it further […]

The 9th edition of the Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy will take place on the 20 and 21st of February. Summit widely acclaimed in the international human rights community, to highlight urgent human rights situations that require global attention. This year, the Geneva Summit will receive 17 important human rights defenders, among them, heroes like Can Dündar, former editor-in-chief of Cumhuriyet newspaper, arrested after pinpointing a relation between the Turkish National Intelligence and the Islamists in Syria, or Miram Dah Abeid, face of the anti-slavery movement in Mauritania. Several round tables will debate on various topics such as fighting oppression, defending human rights, the fight for freedom and democracy, or the voices for the voiceless. Voxia communication is happy to take care, this year again, of the Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy’s press relations.

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