About Voxia

Rather than dwell on a history that began in 2001, list the sectors we covered or name the clients we have worked with, we prefer to present Voxia as it is now: a mature agency relying on a diverse staff.

Setting our sight on a future that we keep writing, we are committed to identifying new trends and developing original stories. Our experienced and tight-knit team is part of the PR World Alliance, an international network of independent communications agencies. Thanks to the support of reliable partners, we carry out daily communication, public relations and marketing campaigns. Voxia has won three PR awards, and continues to grow and increase its clients’ visibility. We share the same solid values within the agency as well as with external stakeholders: creativity, respect, integrity, excellence and commitment.

CREATIVITY. We provide our customers with innovative concepts, offering solutions that meet their demands. We make their problems our own and always deliver.

RESPECT. This essential value enables each member of our team to work in a climate of trust, as reflected in our relationship with our customers. We strive to offer them the best communication services, in accordance with their identity, history and values.

INTEGRITY. We intend to manage our mandates with integrity, by always giving a transparent follow-up of our activities. Voxia’s employees evolve in a framework of values that serve as a reference to guide their client work.

EXCELLENCE. We serve each of our clients with the same level of commitment, always aiming higher to ensure the success of their projects. We also strive for excellence internally through training and knowledge-sharing.

COMMITMENTS. As part of our CSR commitments, we support associations with an important cause for two-year periods. We provide them with our expertise, know-how and time. In 2023 and 2024, the beneficiary of our pro-bono programme is Zoé4Life, an association fighting against pediatric cancer.

We are passionate about communication and love sharing our expertise. If you are a future customer or collaborator, we look forward to meeting you. Contact us now.