A Voxia spin off, Voximo specialises in real estate marketing and communication.

Real estate requires knowledge of current legislation, of development processes and of all the various steps involved in selling or renting a property. With almost 10 years’ experience and numerous references in the field, Voximo offers marketing and communications strategies to its clients,

  • Upstream of the construction process for a building or a neighbourhood: reinforcing support for the project or managing opposition voices through public relations campaigns,
  • During the marketing phase of a property: establishing a marketing strategy (branding, website, print, digital) to facilitate contact with various prospects
  • To promote the growth of a company active in the real estate ecosystem: acquiring new customers, strengthening notoriety, accelerating sales

Architects of real estate marketing

Voximo’s core business is strategy, planning, project management, budget control and key message writing. Just like an architect’s office, the agency calls upon and coordinates various specialists in order to implement its clients’ projects: visual identity, website development, 3D image creation, video production, etc. Thanks to its close collaboration with Voxia communication, Voximo’s expertise also extends to the various specialities that make up the world of public relations: communications consulting, media relations, public affairs, lobbying, etc.

Find out more on our website : www.voximo.ch