Real estate

_For more than 10 years, our team has worked exclusively on property projects throughout Switzerland. We advise private owners and public authorities who are developing land and neighbourhoods, or adding value to residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

VOXIMO has a unique expertise in real estate marketing and communications: a broad understanding of the market, knowledge of legislative procedures, marketing dynamics, election campaigns and referendums.

Stand out
from the competition.

_In a competitive environment, your company or real estate project needs a strong identity that highlights its strengths and qualities. Careful communication creates trust and arouses emotion. By backing it up with relevant marketing initiatives, we can give you lasting visibility and add value to your projects.


_At a municipal and cantonal level, an increasing number of real estate projects are subject to referendums: objections to a change of use zone or a neighbourhood plan. To win over the public opinion, we run communication campaigns involving the various interest groups, political sensitivities, local associations and public administrations.

Marketing à la

_To accelerate the sale of space or real estate property, it is essential to implement an effective marketing strategy and communications initiatives. Branding, content marketing, digital campaigns, website creation and events are all tools that can be used to generate leads for the sales team. Our team understands the commercial dynamic and adapts its strategy to the different property asset classes (commercial, industrial or residential).