Internal Communication


The issue is simple: engage in a dialogue with all the company’s stakeholders. Designed for employees, key elements of a company’s success, internal communication has an influence on the company’s success.


Internal communication mission is to share useful information with employees. It must be communicated with visibility and ensure a good circulation of information and key messages. Internal communication brings together directors managers and employees

We offer support in the selection of the most suitable communication channels and strategies: displays, newsletters, company newsletter, company journal, intranet, welcome booklet, videos, etc. The crucial aspect is to adapt the medium to the target audience and the message.

Voxia communication helps you structure an internal communication plan defining a clear path for your company. This plan lists tools and means required to achieve the set objectives while considering the internal communication impact on the actions on the staff members.


Conveying your company’s vision means telling the story of who you are and where you’re going. To embed this story in the company’s culture, to instill the commitment and motivation among all parties concerned, to involve them in a common vision.

The participation of all for a Successful development.

Good communication requires self examination and adaptation. Best practice must be constantly reviewed and adapted. As the digital and professional landscape evolves, communication objectives must evolve in parallel.


Organizations with connected and informed employees are more likely to improve their productivity. Employees are the brand’s ambassadors. They are on the front line, engaging with customers, sharing social media messages and helping the company grow. Our consultants assist you in developing a communication strategy, understood by all in order to help you create a close-knit and more interconnected network of collaborators working towards a common goal.

Companies gain from the impact that internal communication strategy can have on their reputation, both internally with employees and externally with their clients. Voxia communication teams are available to support in the creation of a successful program.


This requires a communication based on an global vision of the company, key messages and management orientations, but also on an active listening of employees, particularly through surveys and meetings.

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