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L’agence de communication Voxia a remporté le prix du Meilleur des RP dans la catégorie Relations médias


Comment préserver sa réputation et son image dans un conflit juridique

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SOLAR is revolutionizing the energy sector - Active Solar

Do you know that ?:

Attend the conference and you will understand how solar became so successful and why it will dominate the power sector in the 21st century.


Pascal Rochat, CEO of Active Niche Funds SA and manager of Active Solar

How to combine impact and performance? - Asteria Investment Managers

Asteria has developed a proprietary research platform, enabling it to conduct a thorough analysis of each company to measure the environmental and social impact generated by its activity, the ESG scoring and financial outlook.

We make use of innovative technologies such as Big Data to deal with the explosion in the amount of data required to conduct a fully integrated research.

We apply a rigorous and systematic process to maximize the impact generation and minimize the risk of deviation from main benchmarks.

This approach makes hence and efficient use of capital without scarifying returns or generate additional risks.


Guido Bolliger , Chief Investment Officer

SDGs and Engagement – Investing to improve – Impact in listed stocks - BMO GAM 

Many people increasingly want to align their financial decisions and their values. Our SDG Engagement Global Equities approach is designed with that need in mind, and we strive to play a part in mobilising private capital towards securing a safer and more sustainable future for all. In this session, Jamie will expand upon our active, multi-SDG approach and discuss the opportunities to deliver both investment performance and non-financial impact.


Jamie Jenkins, Managing Director, co-Head of Global Equities, Responsible Global Equities

Active ESG integration for companies: measuring & engaging on what matters - DPAM

In order to successfully embed sustainability into the investment process, active ESG integration and engagement with companies require a dynamic and pro-active approach. Dries Dury, Fund manager International & Sustainable Equity at DPAM, will guide us through this active, sustainable and research-driven approach that enables to enhance the methodology in our analysis and understand trends beyond mere ESG scores.

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