Project management

Our approach to project management is based on effective coordination, transparent communication with our clients on costs and deadlines, and unfailing responsiveness. Our teams work at least in pairs to guarantee continuity in the progress of your communications at all times.

Implementing communication actions requires excellent management of all these parameters thus enabling smooth and efficient collaboration.


operational efficiency

As soon as the project is launched, we put in place the tools needed to monitor it : retroplanning, budget tracking, reporting tools, collaborative tools depending on the size of the project and the number of people involved. Regular updates are provided to keep you informed of progress.



We make it a point to deliver the expected deliverables within the deadlines set. Retroplanning is essential to achieve this. At the same time, we remain highly responsive to ad-hoc requests and adapt our efforts to meet the deadlines.


and managing costs

A budget is established based on the expected deliverables. We take a global and holistic approach to the activities to be deployed in order to pool the corresponding deliverables’ costs and ensure that we respect the allocated budget.